Mallory Bell

My cousin Mallory is studying fashion merchandising, and for her photo styling class, she had to style a shoot. She came to visit us for a weekend and I got to help her with some of her homework. Probably the best homework I've ever helped anyone with! Believe it or not these photos were in fact taken in Idaho. And Mallory is the easiest person in the world to take pictures of. We had a blast. 


I usually try not to say a whole lot with my photos and just let the viewing take precedence (although I should say more), but I gotta give a huge shout out to my girl Hailey McKee, an extremely talented graphic designer. We took these photos for her professional use. She helped me re-do my home page of this website and my 'personal branding' and I am finally pleased with it. Over the moon in fact. We were going in a completely different direction at first, but she came to me with an entirely new idea and it was perfect. Exactly what I wanted. Huge thanks to her! She's amazing.