Forgive me for hardly posting lately! Back in the fall when I put up my .com website I needed to get it up quick and didn't have much time to figure out how I wanted it set up. My good friend Hailey helped me out A TON with my homepage and was very patient with me, and for the short time that we had to get it up and running, it was perfect! In other areas on the site I have had to edit a lot of it to get it looking the way I wanted it to look, and I am ready to not have to deal with that anymore. I'd much rather spend all my working hours with photography and photography only. So in another month or so there will be some major changes around here, and I am pretty excited! I have had lots of time to really think about how I want to personally 'brand' myself and what I want my web presence to be. I read an incredible book (FIND: The Biz Guide) by Jonathan Canlas and have been doing a lot of reflecting on what I want the future of my business to be. I am going to simplify a few things, make some improvements, and get it looking and feeling like 'me' around here. Until then, I'll post a few things I've been up to lately!