Jennie Moss Design | Rexburg Portrait Photography

lisalangiphotography-004 lisalangiphotography-002 lisalangiphotography-008 lisalangiphotography-012 lisalangiphotography-014 lisalangiphotography-021 lisalangiphotography-013 lisalangiphotography-039 lisalangiphotography-016 lisalangiphotography-019 copy lisalangiphotography-024 lisalangiphotography-034 copy lisalangiphotography-010lisalangiphotography-032 lisalangiphotography-028 lisalangiphotography-030 lisalangiphotography-025 lisalangiphotography-026 lisalangiphotography-035 lisalangiphotography-037 lisalangiphotography-042 I'll tell you what, Jennie Moss is a woman of many talents! She can do it all, honestly. Plus she's got a cute space to spend her time, filled with a favorite wedding picture, vintage tins, her Mother's letterpress cards, and paintings from her students. But I am here to tell you about one of her many skills. Her wedding headpieces. They are beautiful and each one is unique. She has collected trim, lace, beads, and jewels from all over the country. Some of it is vintage, some is new. Some of her pieces sparkle and shine, and others make a more delicate statement. If you are in need of a wedding head band or headpiece, or any head band for that matter, I urge you to contact her! She is a gem.

Her headpieces have been featured on the Etsy homepage for handpicked items, the Etsy wedding page in accessories, as well as Once Wed and Grey Likes Weddings.